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We build websites using 100% off-grid solar and run them on servers using renewable energy

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Sustainable websites
that convert

You’re working hard to be an environmentally aware business. We’re working hard to provide you with a sustainable website solution that grows your business.

Your website needs to be fast, professional, attention-grabbing, responsive (works on all devices) and most importantly, it needs to convert visitors into leads or customers.

Which is why we design websites with sustainability AND conversion in mind.  

Get this: If the internet were a country, it would be on track to become the fourth largest CO2 emitter on Earth after the U.S., China, and India. – Source

Reasons to go green...

Green-Powered hosting

Servers which host your website are on 24/7. Every time someone visits your website, your server draws power to load your website. Our websites are hosted on servers in an Equinix data centre who achieved 92% renewable energy globally in 2019 and have a goal of using 100% renewable energy. Additionally we use 100% solar power where we work (and live) and we offset of our overall remaining business carbon footprint, with Greenfleet.

Fast websites = Less energy

Speed is vital… 47% of people expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less! And websites which load fast, save power. For these reasons, we design with minimalism in mind, we use clean code, we have server caching enabled and we use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to improve load-times worldwide.

Eco doesn’t mean ugly

Your website will be designed and optimised for user experience (UX). It will be clean, modern, and interesting. It will also have minimal pages for speed and energy efficiency. Oh, and don’t forget, it will be designed to convert your site visitors into leads and customers.

We're purposefully small

We are not a big agency with a large office, lots of staff and massive electricity bills. We work freelance, using laptops which are charged using 100% solar power. What environmental impact we do have we offset with Greenfleet. Because we are small you will also benefit from friendly, professional, personalised and passionate assistance throughout the website design process.

Brand new or redesign?

Sometimes a refresh of your existing site is all you need.
Other times a new site will make the difference in converting visitors.

What we offer:

  • Website - Refresh or a fully customised design and build of a sustainable website you'll be proud of.
  • Control - You will have full control of future updates and edits or we can manage this at a reasonable cost.
  • Emails - We can provide 25GB mailboxes using your domain name (e.g.
  • Hosting - We can host your website on our server, or help you find a different green-host. 
  • Security - Your website protected with a premium firewall, anti-malware, and security scanner.
  • Sustainability - When we host and manage your website you can display our SORT'D Green Badge, which shows your visitors you're serious about being sustainable.

Some of these items are optional add-ons at a reasonable cost. If you would like an all up price, click the Get Started button below for a no-strings-attached quote.

I made a website myself and it needed work, so Oliver from SORT’D built me a new website four months ago, and I have had regular organic enquiries which have actually paid for the investment of my new website. You won’t be disappointed with these guys!

Mark Wiseman

Freebird Wedding Films READ CASE STUDY

Braxton Turnage

Adjust To Life Chiropractic
Oliver was very professional, efficient and easy to communicate with while creating our amazing website! Even with my unending requests to get it perfect, Oliver was on top of it all the way. Would highly recommend!

Get a sustainable, fast, professional and mobile optimised website now.

We are a two-person team and can only work with a limited number of clients. By joining our waitlist you will complete a questionnaire and will get back to you within 48 hours to give you an idea of a timeframe (no obligation).
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Who we are:

Perhaps, like you, we want to be part of the solution not the problem. We know the world needs more sustainability focused businesses to succeed and we believe the future of the planet relies on sustainable solutions.

We've taken our combined 12 years of I.T. experience, six years of WordPress development experience and eight years of account management experience with natural eco-friendly and sustainable businesses, and have applied all we know to our business.

We believe the world needs you to succeed and we want to help you do that efficiently and sustainably.

We like to think your success is everyone's success.


Oliver & Sophie.

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