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Free Bird Wedding Films is a wedding videography business located on the Gold Coast, Australia. Mark Wiseman (owner and primary videographer) captures weddings using his unique style of filming to create truly stunning videos, that really do 'capture the vibe of people's special day' - which is now how he describes what he does...

Looking at his original DIY website, this message was not clear. In fact, nothing was really clear on his website (which you'll see shortly); this is the main reason he never got any enquiries from it.

We designed him a simple, yet elegant and easy to use website which has generated multiple organic (free) enquiries/leads since it went live - many of which have converted into paying clients.

Anyhoo, let's take a look at the before and after websites...


The DIY Site:

This was the original DIY website homepage of Free Bird Wedding Films before the redesign.

As you can see, the homepage is actually an 'About Us' page. There is no clear path for the visitor to follow and there are no clear calls to action e.g. click here, fill out this form, call now etc..

It's essentially just an About Page, which, I explained to Mark when I did a Free website review for him, is the main reason why he gets no enquiries at all. Put simply, nobody cares who you are, or wants to know anything about you...yet.

That may sound harsh but it's really not. Think of it this way...

If you went to a retail store because you needed some new trousers and the guy at the door said "Hi, I'm Bruce, I work here everyday. I live close by and I'm married with two children. I love the beach, I drive a red car and I love helping people find the clothes they want", you'd probably wonder why the overshare. And you'd want to get out of there quickly, right?

Well it's the same with a homepage, it is essentially the 'doorway to your store/business'. So you want to tell people as quickly as you can, exactly what they can expect when they come on in. Ideally, in under 2 seconds or less, as, nowadays, that's the length of our attention spans when searching online.

Here's the thing, they don't know you, and they don't want to know about you yet. They want to know if you can solve their problem and how much it will cost them - that's all!

Keeping these key points in mind, let's take a look at the website we designed and built for Free Bird Wedding Films...

The Redesign:

We capture the visitor's attention immediately with an image of a happy bride and groom on their wedding day, the exact same goal (hopefully) of that visitor. Next, we include a short and clear 'doorway message' - WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY THAT CAPTURES THE VIBE OF YOUR SPECIAL DAY.

This 'doorway message' is clear and intriguing enough to encourage visitors to scroll down and find out what they mean by the "vibe".

Next up is a video gallery of past wedding videos, the actual 'product' the website visitor is wanting to purchase themselves. After watching a few clips, you quickly get a feel for what Mark means by 'capture the vibe'.

So, within 1-2 seconds, this website has satisfied the first two keys:

  • It has, in a nutshell, clearly told the visitor what Free Bird Wedding Films does (a strong clue is already in the name).
  • It has helped the visitor decide if their problem can be solved here - basically, do they like the video style?

With one question left to answer (what will it cost me), it's only a short scroll down to see very clear pricing, with a list of inclusions.

However, before they get to the pricing section, the visitor has to pass over some written testimonials provided by happy Brides. We strategically placed testimonials here to build credibility and to instil confidence, so that when the visitor scrolls to the pricing, they already trust the value of the investment.

In the pricing section, the buttons lead visitors directly to the booking form where they can easily contact Mark to find out more or secure their wedding film booking.

The About Us section is near the bottom of the page. Visitors who have got this far are now emotionally invested and may very well want to get to know their videographer better before booking in. 


The results:

The new website design consistently generated 4 to 6 non-paid (organic) leads every month since it launched in April 2020, many of which have converted into paying customers.

A website which is designed properly, to guide your visitors through your sales process, is vital and often isn't achieved when people DIY their websites.

Building websites goes beyond simply putting some images and text on a page to look pretty and then hoping for the best. Every design element of your website; the inclusion of certain text and images, what images you use, how the text is written, what buttons you use and where you include them, the overall layout, layout of each section, order of content, colours, forms, and so much more, can mean the success or failure of, not only your website, but for many, their entire business.

Does your website not perform as well as you'd like?

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